The utility of the truck crane mounted on orange peel grab

With the development of The Times, the personalized demand for versatility is more and more vigorous, and the truck crane with rotary orange 6 peels grab can realize the grasping and loading function of scrap steel materials, and the convenience and timeliness are greatly increased!

The steel dump truck is an important construction machinery vehicle, using hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor and other hydraulic power components to drive the actuator for operation, with compact structure, smooth transmission, flexible control, easy operation, reliable work, fast handling of materials and other characteristics, is widely used in engineering construction, is an important mechanical equipment in iron and steel enterprises.

The input cost of steel grasping machine is low, and the size of steel grasping machine can be customized according to road conditions to meet different needs.

The orange 6 peel grab has the advantages of flexible grasping, grasping materials without missing materials, grasping advantages of crushing materials are obvious, and the rotating function can achieve accurate placement of block materials.

Hydraulic motor adopts large displacement and large torque motor to bear weight 4 tons ~20 tons (optional).

The uniform distribution of the grasping flap has high synchronization, the pressure of the cylinder is 300kg, and the structural parts are made of manganese plate Q355B, which can meet the operation requirements of the grasping machine in various strength complex working conditions.

The use of hydraulic system greatly improves product performance and operational reliability.

Internal hydraulic device arrangement is compact, using imported parts, high safety performance, stable work, long service life.Save labor, improve production efficiency.

Equipped with high seat, it can feed the crushing line directly, eliminating the conveyor belt.

It adopts straight moving arm, bent bucket rod structure and 6 peels hydraulic rotating orange grab (or hinge grab), so that it has the advantages of reasonable structure, easy operation, flexibility, safety, reliability and high efficiency. And from the engine, hydraulic system, operation mode and structure and other aspects of the comprehensive design, so that its performance is advanced, high reliability, the comprehensive technical performance can meet the needs of users.

Dump truck is a kind of material grabbing equipment, its main role is to carry out scrap metal, scrap steel, finished steel bars, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste, domestic waste and other materials grab, loading, transfer operations, set grab transport dump as a whole. Widely used in waste recycling plants, major steel mills, metallurgy, ports, docks, scrap processing centers and other industries.

Post time: Mar-15-2024