The suitable working conditions and precautions for the excavator tilting bucket


The excavators driver will encounter slopes and corner operations in earth moving operations, especially in municipal projects, and drivers often have headaches and can not be constructed, and Party A can only take manual operations, not to mention low efficiency, but also lack of safety. In this case, we developed a kind of excavator equipment.i.e.the excavator tiling bucket.

With all the characteristics of the mud bucket, the excavator tilting bucket can also be controlled by the action of the cylinder to rotate the bucket, the best tilt Angle is 45 degrees, and the operation can be carried out without changing the position of the excavator, and the accurate operation that the ordinary bucket cannot be completed can be easily completed. It is suitable for slope brushing, leveling plane resting and dredging of river and ditch. It is not suitable for heavy working environment such as hard soil and hard stone soil excavation.

No.1 Excavator and excavator tilting bucket installation instructions:

A  set of oil circuit is pulled from the excavator hydraulic system to the front end of the forearm and the control element is installed.
B  All pins and pin holes must be buttered before installation.
C  Through the bucket cylinder, connecting rod and rocker, the tilt bucket is connected with the pin shaft and the pipeline of the tilt bucket cylinder can be connected.
No.2  Excavator &excavator tilting bucket are suitable for inclined operation:

Suitable for household garbage, ditch cleaning and sand loading.
No.3 Excavator ,excavator tilting bucket and tilting operation precautions:

It must be used in the applicable occasions, and the inclined cleaning bucket is prohibited for heavy working environments such as the excavation of hard soil and hard stone soil. The relevant regulations for the operation and use of excavators must be observed during operation.

Post time: May-22-2024