The characteristics and operation precautions of excavator single cylinder hydraulic shear

The single cylinder excavator hydraulic shear is installed in the excavator and can be rotated 360°,and it can be used with light scrap steel, scrapped cars, steel shears, channel steel, housing disassembled steel shear.Excavator hydraulic shear is also called single cylinder hydraulic shear or strong shear, which belongs to the excavator。It is suitable for scrap steel cutting, plant steel structure dismantling, scrap car dismantling, ship dismantling and other projects。It is characterized by convenient movement, flexible use in any occasion, fast speed and high efficiency.Instead of crocodile shears, gantry scrap shears, packaging shears can not move the shortcomings。Compared with manual cutting, it reduces the cost, improves the safety, and is more in line with environmental protection requirements.This type of scissors is suitable for different operations, including steel bar cutting, scrap steel processing and other applications, can cut iron materials, steel, light materials, pipes, etc.The advantages of excavator single cylinder hydraulic shear are that the advanced design and innovative method ensure the working stability and strong cutting force, and the performance is more than 15% than that of ordinary olecranon shear. Fast and flexible action, light weight, the key is cheap!The disadvantage is that the I-steel of more than 200 width can not be cut, and the shear thickness should not exceed 2.5 cm.

Precautions for using hydraulic shears:

1 The selection of hydraulic shears must be particularly careful, personnel should be away from at least 3 meters away, so as to avoid jumping injuries!
2 Ensure that no one approaches the tooling to avoid injury. Keep the tooling under your control at all times to avoid injury. When using the cleaning tool, all personnel should maintain a safe distance of 3m. Close all Windows. Make sure all necessary shields are in place. Wear all necessary protective gear.
3 When removing pipes, containers, storage tanks and other facilities that may contain gases, inflammables or hazardous chemicals. There could be serious casualties.
4 No demolition work shall be carried out on these facilities until all inclusions have been removed
5 Cutting train or crane rails, engine crankshafts, welds, halos, shafts and other hard metals will increase the wear rate of cutting edges and hydraulic shears.
6 The use of clearance gear to level the site or topple upright structures may damage the machine or clearance gear. Use the correct equipment for site preparation or maintenance operations
7 Point the machine at the work area. Operate hydraulic shears while moving backwards.
8 To avoid structural damage to the machine, do not place the cutting edge of the hydraulic shears on the road and move the machine.

Post time: Jan-31-2024