Summary of Hydraulic Log Grapple

The original purpose of this device is not only to use the medicine to remove branches and leave roots,but also can be used for bamboo cutting and loading and unloading tasks。Grasping wood knife is combined with the grasping action of single cylinder wood cutter and special material to achieve multi-function。Not only can cut down but also grasp, and can achieve 360 degree hydraulic rotation.The structural strength of this equipment should be due to the ordinary wood grab device。The weight is nearly 500 kilograms, the cylinder is also increased thick, only in this way the design can meet the shear force。High intensity of the working condition, the disadvantage is that the opening is slightly small mouth 1 meter, that is to say :1 meter of a diameter of the trees can be captured。The shear range is 2.5 cm to 30 cm of the trunk and branches can be cut, the blade design is removable, which can be removed at any time for grinding or not cut down。

Excavator in the end with a single cylinder wood grab and double cylinder wood grab compared to which is more practical? Recently, there are a lot of customers doubt how to match the wood, especially tangled single cylinder or double cylinder.Here we make a simple analysis for the two devices as following :

Single cylinder wood characteristic is simple structure, production only need a cylinder can grasp, grasp flap curvature can easily hold the material, for  a wooden advantage, it  is low cost, disc synchronization is better, if with integrated hydraulic motor can be matched in the accessory crane&the arm of the machine, which are generally used in relatively easy conditions in foreign field .

Double cylinder catch wood structure is relatively complex, high component strength, using two cylinder to close, characteristic is grasping force&high stability, high production cost is a big shortcoming, the catch wood for thick wood grab, rotary gear torque is stronger, if the current condition is heavy,we suggest to use this catch wood with excavator operation with ease.

 So now I believe that you can know more for the single cylinder wood grapple and double cylinder wood grapple ,so that you can select a suitable good one by yourself if possible in the future .

Post time: Sep-01-2023