Precautions for the operation of wood grabbers and steel grabbers

Excavator steel grab and wood grapple operation several precautions do not barbaric operation! Understanding the following will make your equipment less prone to failure:

The operation of excavator steel grab and wood grapple must remember No.1:

After grabbing the material, especially when the weight is more than 1 ton, do the rotation action, be sure to rotate perpendicular to the ground, not tilt rotation, tilt rotation of the rotating motor and pinion by radial force, it is easy to break the motor output shaft, the motor internal back pressure oil leakage, rotating pinion teeth, once there is a rotation stuck phenomenon to stop check in time, If it is only the pinion teeth timely replacement, the cost is relatively low, if the savage continue to operate, broken tooth iron slag is easy to break the big tooth ring teeth, then it will cost more money, the pinion periphery has butter nozzle, to play twice a day butter lubrication, improve durability and wear resistance!

The operation of excavator steel grab and wood grapple must remember No.2:

If the grip flap is not synchronized during operation, stop the valve immediately and check whether the cylinder leaks oil. If there is no leakage, check whether the spool on the welded valve block in the middle of the cylinder is broken and damaged. Can the top core of the spool be pressed down and spring up smoothly? If it is broken, please replace it in time; if the spool is not damaged, please adjust the spool (balance valve) with a hex wrench. The spool can control the hydraulic oil flow until it is synchronized!

The operation of excavator steel grab and wood grapple must remember No.3:

In operation, we should pay attention to whether the active key shaft is excessive wear, especially the shaft at both ends of the cylinder, if the gap is too large, it is easy to break, in addition, the driver is difficult to detect the line of sight after the break, once the break is not replaced in time and continue to work, it is easy to lead to the extrusion deformation of the structural parts when doing action (caused by different external forces).

The operation of excavator steel grab and wood grapple must remember No.4:

In the operation, if there is no action, or if it is clear that you operate an action but the rotation and tensioning action appear at the same time, this time to stop in time to check whether the double-head solenoid valve spool is stuck, once the fan card, the oil will be blocked or the oil string phenomenon! Spool fan ka is generally caused by hydraulic oil impurities or hair, specifically how to repair, please refer to the manufacturer’s video tutorial or telephone consultation!
In a word: whether the operation of the steel machine and the wood grab is smooth and does not drag, and the experience of the manufacturer has a lot to do with the design, mature products are based on continuous innovation, find problems to solve problems, and constantly improve, quality is fundamental to survival, holding the mentality of constantly reducing costs to fool customers is doomed not to last long!

Post time: Mar-20-2024