Instructions for installing and using excavator wood grapple

No.1 Please correctly select the excavator wood grapple and excavator iron grab that match your model and operation needs, so as not to choose improperly and affect efficiency.
No.2 Before installing, please confirm whether the various sizes match the excavator, then connect the wood grapple to the excavator.


No.3 Hydraulic line installation
(1)The pipe used by the wood grapple is fixed from the front end of the forearm, and after leaving enough movement, it is firmly bound with the forearm and the forearm of the excavator.(2)Select a reasonable position to connect the double valve with the excavator, and tighten the pipeline of the wood grapple with it, and the incoming and outgoing oil is drawn from the standby valve of the excavator.
NO.4 Pilot piping installation
(1)First select a reasonable position in the cab to fix the foot valve.
(2)The inlet and outlet oil of the foot valve is connected with the pilot oil. There are two oil ports on the side of the foot valve. The upper part is the return oil and the lower part is the inlet oil.
(3)The control of the signal oil requires three shuttle valves to simultaneously control the standby valve.
No.5 After the installation is completed, check the pipe joints, If no loose or wrong link, then test the pipe.
No.6 After starting the car, listen to whether the engine is abnormal, if there is black smoke, hold the car phenomenon, please check whether the oil circuit is wrong.
No.7 Use of wood grapple: The first use of the rotary assembly of the wood grapple should add enough lubricating oil, and then fill once per shift to extend the service life of the rotary assembly. The product is strictly prohibited from overloading and violent impact.

Post time: Apr-11-2024