Excavator tyre shears

 Waste tire treatment is getting more and more attention in the world, and simple incineration will cause serious secondary pollution once it is not handled well. To realize the harmless and resource treatment of waste tires is not only the need of environment and resources, but also the goal of social management.

Waste tires are a treasure, can produce renewed rubber, rubber asphalt, waterproof materials and other products, at high temperatures, can also separate and extract gas, oil, carbon black, steel or direct heat energy utilization, the industry has great potential.

Recycling of waste tires is a development direction, which has high economic and social value for recycling and recycling of waste tires, and has far-reaching significance.

The tire shear is installed on the excavator, and the excavator is used as the power carrier to realize the 360° rotation function. The knife body has a three-sided blade design and the blade can be turned over on both sides. It can easily cut and segment the scrapped tires of cars, heavy trucks and engineering vehicles with large shear force, compact, lightweight and powerful structure, and the whole body is made of highly wear-resistant manganese plate. The waste tire can be cut into strips or blocks, which provides convenience for the reuse of waste tires!


Post time: Jun-05-2024