Excavator hydraulic shear common failure analysis

With the strict requirements of domestic environmental protection, more and more mechanized steel structure demolition, excavator hydraulic shear is a more common mechanical equipment, excavator hydraulic shear flexibility is strong, strong shear force, not only can meet the environmental protection demolition shear operation, but also improve the scrap shear efficiency, save labor costs, safe and efficient!

Excavator with hydraulic shear common failure analysis, there are problems do not ask people to do hydraulic shear in the chest!

NO.1 Hydraulic cutting edge cracking: When processing scrap steel, it is necessary to selectively shear according to its own working conditions, not all hydraulic shears can process all scrap steel, the hydraulic shears used in the excavator model are also adapted according to the pressure and flow of the excavator’s large pump, and when cutting heavy materials or thick materials, it is necessary to do it according to its own excavator model. Generally, the 20-ton excavator can only cut the shear material with a thickness below 3 cm and a width below 250mm. If it exceeds the shear capacity of the hydraulic shear, it is easy to lead to the blade cracking. In addition, the blade breaking is also related to the machining accuracy of the hydraulic shear cutter body. You can ask the manufacturer to replace the knife body, there is another possibility is that the blade material and heat treatment did not meet the requirements, at present, China’s special material and heat treatment technology has not reached foreign technology, can only make do, not cracking on the line, but wear resistance is not as good as imported material!

No.2, insufficient hydraulic shear force: excavator with hydraulic shear shear weakness, strictly speaking, generally related to the excavator, to see if your excavator there is a small horse cart situation, hydraulic shear company recommended hydraulic shear and your excavator does not match, hydraulic shear cylinder diameter determines the shear force, if the manufacturer is not cutting corners, If the cylinder you install is too small, then it must be that your excavator’s large pump pressure and flow can not meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic shear. It is recommended that you replace a small hydraulic shear, not all hydraulic shears are suitable for you, and not all excavators are suitable for installing large hydraulic shears. It also has technical means to enable your excavator to achieve a small horse and cart. Insufficient shear force is generally insufficient flow of the large pump of the excavator, and the technical staff can install a double pump combination valve block for you to combine the main and secondary pump flow of your large pump of the excavator into one, fully meeting the technical requirements of hydraulic shear!

Post time: Mar-27-2024