Disadvantages of electro-hydraulic excavator steel grab

The principle of electro-hydraulic excavator steel grab machine is to use electric energy to do work through the hydraulic system to achieve the opening and closing of the grab bucket to achieve the purpose of loading and unloading goods.

The first condition that causes the oil temperature to rise is the unreasonable design of the electro-hydraulic grasping machine. When grasping materials, once the material resistance is greater than the digging force of the grasping machine, although the grasping bucket can not grasp the material, it is “smothered” in the material pile, but the motor of the grasping machine still rotates, and even the motor appears “blocked rotation”, the hydraulic system is equipped with an overflow valve in order to protect itself. At this time, the pump through the relief valve high pressure overflow, the oil temperature rises sharply. Energy is conserved, and electrical energy becomes heat, heating the oil.

In the loading and unloading operation, due to the operator’s experience or line of sight and other factors, continue to hold down the handle after the closure of the steel grab machine, so that the steel grab machine is closed again (often happens), then the motor of the steel grab machine still turns, the motor appears “blocked”, the hydraulic pump through the relief valve high-pressure overflow, the oil temperature rises sharply. Energy is conserved, and electrical energy turns into heat, heating the oil.

Rising oil temperature not only wastes energy, but also causes the following hazards:

No.1:excavator grab steel machine work is not reliable, unsafe. The oil temperature rises sharply, the hydraulic oil viscosity, volumetric efficiency and the hydraulic system work efficiency decline, the leakage increases, the pressure can not be maintained, the light grasp force becomes smaller or can not grasp the goods, the reliability is poor, the heavy grasp of the goods fall in the air, unsafe.

No.2:Affect production. Due to the above situation, the user has to stop and let the oil temperature of the grasping steel machine cool down, which affects the efficiency of loading and unloading.

No.3:The parts of the hydraulic system expand due to overheating, destroying the original normal coordination gap of the relative moving parts, resulting in increased friction resistance, the hydraulic valve is easy to jam, at the same time, the lubricating oil film becomes thinner, the mechanical wear increases, resulting in the accurate matching surface of the pump, valve, motor, etc., due to premature wear and failure or scrap.

No.4:Oil vaporization, water evaporation, easy to make the hydraulic components cavitation; The oil oxidizes to form colloidal deposits, which are easy to block the holes in the oil filter and hydraulic valve, so that the hydraulic system can not work normally.

No.5:Accelerate the aging and deterioration of rubber seals, shorten their life, and even lose their sealing performance, causing serious leakage of the hydraulic system.

No.6:Too high oil temperature will accelerate the deterioration of hydraulic oil and shorten the service life of oil

No.7:The failure rate of grasping steel machine is high, and the maintenance cost is increased. Too high oil temperature will seriously affect the normal use of the machine, reduce the service life of hydraulic components, high failure rate, and increase maintenance costs.

In summary, in the case of sufficient funds, experts suggest that it is better to buy an excavator to refit a steel grab machine, and use the excavator’s own hydraulic system to drive the steel grab machine, with stable performance and less failure rate!!

Post time: Jan-11-2024