Can small excavator dismantling pliers be used on fire fighting robots?

Can small excavator dismantling pliers be used on fire fighting robots? In view of the mechanical operation characteristics of many fire fighting equipment, the manufacturer of excavator accessories has also developed some small equipment suitable for robots, among which the more popular is the hydraulic clamp, which can be used as a manipulator instead of manual demolition operations, and the effectiveness of concrete and steel cutting is very high.As we all know, if the fire operation adopts mechanization, especially the demolition of engineering buildings, the use of robot demolition pliers can allow the robot to break the concrete.The excavator pulverizer is a time-saving and labor-saving machine for disassembling machinery and equipment. Hydraulic pulverizer with powerful crushing ability can quickly dissolve reinforced concrete; Specializing in the demolition of buildings, apartment buildings, industrial plants, columns and beams; The hydraulic clamp has a large size serrated shape and strengthens the concave tooth design scheme at the tooth occlusion surface, using the side teeth to fully exert the damaging chemicals to achieve this the actual effect of crushing.

Laser cutting method, greatly improve the work efficiency of laser cutting and acquisition of building steel bars, reduce disassembly time and labor costs, hydraulic pulverizer can quickly dissolve reinforced concrete into recyclable resources, in addition to greatly reduce the cost of cleaning construction waste, the average of each floor can be separated from several tons of building steel bars and scrap metal, More engineering demolition creates a rich additional operating income.The actual operation of hydraulic pulverizer is simple, the general operator can get started in more than half a day, and it quickly becomes a reasonable machine in the demolition team, which would have to be dismantled for a week, that is, it is reduced to two to three days, and the construction period is advanced by 25%, which greatly reduces the operating cost.

Post time: Mar-07-2024