Advantages of excavator mechanical steel grab

1. Use:
Fixed excavator steel grab is a kind of grasping equipment, its main role is to carry out scrap metal, scrap steel, finished steel bars, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste, domestic waste and other materials grasping, loading operations, widely used in waste recycling plants, major steel mills, metallurgy, ports, terminals, scrap steel treatment center and other industries.
2. Features:
(1) Low input cost
(2) The working radius can be customized according to the site requirements to meet the needs of different sites
(3) Power system provides power, energy saving and environmental protection, low cost
(4) The lifting arm and grab have complete specifications to meet the operation needs of the steel grab machine at various ranges
(5) The use of hydraulic system, greatly improve product performance and operational reliability
(6) The internal hydraulic device is compact, the use of imported parts, high safety performance, stable work, long service life
(7) Save labor and improve production efficiency
3. Product accessories of fixed excavator steel grab:
It adopts straight moving arm, bent bucket rod structure and five-lobe plum grab (or hinge grab), so that it has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, flexibility, safety, reliability and high efficiency. And from the engine, hydraulic system, operation mode and structure and other aspects of the comprehensive design, so that its performance is advanced, high reliability, the comprehensive technical performance can meet the needs of users.


Post time: Apr-30-2024