Excavator Hydraulic Power Demolition Pulverizer

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Application: installed on the excavator, powered by the excavator, the movable clamp and fixed clamp of the hydraulic crushing clamp are combined together to achieve the effect of crushing concrete, so that the steel bar in the concrete can be recycled, easy hydraulic hydraulic crushing pliers large and small size complete, can be suitable for 5~35 tons of excavator.

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Hydraulic Pulverizer

item/model unit ET04 ET06 ET08 ET10
suitable excavator ton 5-10
20-30 30-35
weight kg 350 850 1550 1650
opening mm 440 611 900 900
height mm 696 950 1018 1018
width mm 395 420 460 550
length mm 1220 1800 2220 2265
rated pressure kg/cm2 180 200 280 300
rated flow l/min 80-110 110-150 200-230 200—260
middle ton 83 150 180 185
tip ton 97 180 210 230
open(cycle time) second 1.8 1.8 2.8 2.8
close(cycle time) second 2.2 2.2 3.2 3.2


(1)The use of wear-resistant steel welding, reasonable structure, high strength, no deformation.
(2)Machine operation is simple, sensitive, high production efficiency, low energy consumption.
(3)It consists of clamp body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw and fixed jaw, mounted on the excavator for use. Through the external hydraulic system to power the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder, control the movable jaw tension of the crushing pliers, to achieve the effect of crushing objects.
(4)Now it is used in the demolition industry, powder concrete, cut reinforcement.
(5)Carry out the secondary crushing of concrete, and the separation of reinforcement and concrete.
(6)Unique jaw tooth layout design, double-layer wear-resistant protection, high-strength wear-resistant plate building, durable, longer life.
(7)After the load optimization design, the structure is more light and flexible, and the balance between the larger opening size and crushing force.
(8)It can be selected to install the acceleration valve to improve the bite speed, increase the thickened oil cylinder than the same level of higher bite force.
(9)It is now widely used in the demolition industry. In the process of demolition, it is installed on the excavator, so that only the excavator operator needs to operate it alone.
(10)Generality: the power comes from various brands and models of excavator, to achieve the versatility and economy of products
(11)Safety: the construction personnel do not contact the construction, to meet the complex terrain safety construction requirements
(12)Environmental protection: fully hydraulic drive to achieve low noise operation, the construction does not affect the surrounding environment, in line with the domestic silent standards
(13)Low cost: simple and convenient operation, less personnel, reduce labor costs, machine maintenance and other construction costs
(14)Convenience: convenient transportation; convenient installation, and the link to the corresponding pipeline

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