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Excavator rake bucket is a tool mounted on the arm of an excavator, usually composed of multiple curved steel teeth. Its main function is to clean and screen materials of different types and sizes during excavation operations. Here are some functions of excavator rakes:

1. Cleaning work: In areas such as excavating garbage piles and construction sites, using excavators and rakes for cleaning can improve construction efficiency.

2. Screening materials: Commonly used in riverbed, sand fields, and other places, impurities of different sizes can be separated by rakes to improve resource utilization efficiency.

3. Land preparation operation: Flip large pieces of soil over and separate them from fine debris through a sieve, facilitating subsequent construction.

4. Search work: When searching for metal, excavator seedlings, and other items in the wild, excavators can be used in conjunction with rakes for search and cleaning.

In summary, according to different job requirements, using excavator rakes can more effectively complete tasks and improve construction efficiency.

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